What If…?

Recently I heard a young lady talk about having such a mild case of Covid that she didn’t realize she had experienced that until later when she lost her sense of smell. She hadn’t noticed this loss by herself. Her husband had come home from work, stepped into the kitchen, and said, “I smell gas”.   This young woman had been cleaning the kitchen and had accidentally turned on one of the stove knobs. Without her sense of smell, she had not noticed. This could have ended in a tragic loss. In the Bible, Paul is discussing the importance of different parts of the body. He mentions: “If the whole body were an eye, how would you hear? If the whole body were an ear, how would you smell anything?” 1 Corinthians 12:17NLT.   This stirred me to wonder that through the plague of Covid, we have been denied three of our five senses: taste and smell by Covid and touch by distancing. What if through the plague, God wants us to focus our attention on what we see, what we are looking at? Or to focus on what we are hearing and listening to from him?  What if we can use this time to pay attention, rather than murmur and walk in fright.

Do you know that God wants us to see beyond what is in our natural world to his invisible spiritual kingdom world?  Again, it’s Paul who reminds us that God shares mysteries with us so that we will have insight into the times in which we are living on this earth. (Romans 11:25)

God’s way of speaking to us is through his Holy Spirit, which he offers to those who believe that Jesus is who he says he is. Another word for belief is trust. Trust is a choice. You can choose today to trust what is written in the Bible, what Jesus has said and done, and God’s love and purpose for you in this season.  Ask Jesus to help you trust what he has said, then read his words in the Bible.    Message me on Facebook if you want to talk.