In the day of my troubles……

In Psalm 86:7 we read: “In the day of my trouble, I call upon you and you answer me.”

As a new program director for our children’s safe home, I was confronted with several unresolved problems. One was an overstuffed leather armchair. For nearly a year, there was noted a discolored, peeling area on the seat. The former safe home director had made many phone calls to the furniture company asking for help with the problem.  The company claimed that the problem was something we had done, rather than a defect of the material. They had even sent scientists out to evaluate the problem. The scientists took several pictures and cultures, but when the results came in, we better understood the problem.  Somehow the inside of the cushion had gotten wet which caused it to peel.  What could we do?  There was no question that many “fluids” could have penetrated the cushion, but when mildew would be the result, it was clear that the chair had to go. Just days earlier, on February 22, as I was reading my One Year Bible for that day, I noted a passage from Leviticus 13:47-52, New Living Translation.

Leviticus13:47 “Now suppose mildew (traditionally rendered leprosy, but indicating skin diseases) contaminates some woolen or linen clothing, woolen or linen fabric, the hide of an animal, or anything made of leather.  If the contaminated area in the clothing, the animal hide, the fabric, or the leather article has turned greenish or reddish, it is contaminated with mildew and must be shown to the priest.  After examining the affected spot, the priest will put the article in quarantine for seven days.  On the seventh day, the priest must inspect it again. If the contaminated area has spread, the clothing or fabric or leather is clearly contaminated by a serious mildew and is ceremonially unclean. The priest must burn the item—the clothing, the woolen or linen fabric, or piece of leather—for it has been contaminated by a serious mildew. It must be completely destroyed by fire.”

The chair had to go!  Children’s lives could not be jeopardized. Within minutes of sharing the information with other leadership, the chair left our facility. For the institution, it may have been only a chair, but for me it was divine. God’s mercy and grace come through faith and his rules as seen through the Bible can provide health for today to those who are willing to rely on his guidance.