Up Against A Wall?

While in Israel at the Wailing Wall, I had a chance to see a young woman covered in a long dress with head covering, standing against the wall with as much of her person as possible touching the wall. She was nearly laying on the wall. She was grieving.  Not only did I see great grief on her face, but her whole persona appeared to be the greatest picture of mourning I had ever seen.  I began wondering:  What is it, Lord, that causes her such sorrow?  Did she just lose a parent?  Did her child die? Has her husband gone off to war?  As a nurse, I have been with many people who are in the process of loss.  What could cause such an overwhelming and deep expression of grief?  As I sat silently there, trying not to stare, I sensed the Lord saying to me: that is a picture of Israel’s longing for me and also a picture of my longing for Israel.  In those brief moments, I experienced intimacy with the Lord. I do not know what that woman was experiencing. Years later, I still pray for her.

Jeremiah 31:1-20 is a beautiful picture of God’s ongoing love for Israel. In it, God expresses not only his love for Israel (v.3,10, 13), but also his desire for Israel’s love(v.20).

If you are up against a wall today, remember we do not worship a one-way God:  we worship a God who wants a two-way relationship. He loves, and he desires love.   I pray you stay at the wall until you experience intimacy with God and his two-way love for you today.