Absence and filling of those first hours.

This morning, the wife of an associate passed away. Those of us who are widows/widowers know the absence and the filling of those first hours, that first day. Every one who remains on this side of the grave has his/her own sense of aloneness on this earth, and one voice cannot speak for the multitude of individual emotions. For some, there may be a deep sense of painful despair and for others, a sense of relief, knowing the battle is over. The sense of absence is different for each of us.

The filling of those first hours comes with His immeasurable grace: with the many new tasks that are required, with the busyness of the day. It comes through the many friends who come forth to comfort and help and through the temporary relationships with new providers because of the situation. It comes with the regular daily demands that are required and with the ability to put some aside.

As we look back upon those first days, many will agree that there is a sort of amnesia that is present, much like the amnesia that comes for women who are in the second stage of labor called transition. This is the shortest but most intense phase of labor, a transition to the next stage which for laboring women is the pushing stage.

There are many people who come to participate in the first day, and even the first days. How thankful we are for all of them, even when, in our transition, we may have some amnesia related to those days. As you think on these things, take time to send a note of appreciation to anyone God brings to mind.