What’s this blog about?

If you’ve opened this site, you may be a widow, a church or ministry leader, or a friend or relative of a widow. You may be wondering how to help a widow. Perhaps you’re a pastor who has hit a wall in helping the widows in your church or you are one who has more vision for your congregation than you have leaders to help fulfill the vision. This blog is all about helping both widows and ministry leaders see the leadership skills that widows possess based on their life experiences, including the painful experience of loss of a covenant partner.

In Widowhood: A Calling to Leadership, Mary encourages widows to embrace their new role with hope and to unashamedly rely on the resources God provides to sustain them through his Spirit and through his body, the church.

This blog will provide a space for widows to help widows through their season of change, a place to share their stories, and a place to explore the concept of seeing the energy they possess as fuel for godly leadership. Hopefully, this will be a connecting point for rich and meaningful relationships.

Link to buy the book: https://www.amazon.com/Widowhood-Changed-Perspective-Mary-Bruce/dp/1646450523